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Are you passionate about kayaking, do you want to take it on as a sport or career? At White Nile Rafting we believe that for our students to fully understand the dynamics of paddling and for the guides to teach in greater detail and depth, they need to be on the river with us for more than just one day!

Thus, we offer a multi-day package where you will learn to understand moving water, taking the time to observe the water with your guide and making sense of these apparent crazy rapids. This translates into you being a much more skilled kayaker, able to approach new challenges with insight.


NOTE: All kayaking trips include.

  • Delicious Big Breakfast (buffet)
  • Light midday snacks on the river
  • Drinking water on the river
  • Most friendliest and experienced river crew
  • Delicious BBQ + a meal (buffet) with a cold beers, sodas & water at the end of the day
  • Kampala – Jinja Pick up and Drop off
  • photos more than 100's
  • Videos
  • 4 major rapids
  • All the latest equipment
  • River boarding while rafting
  • Extensive safety briefing and practice drills
  • Safety boat and Safety kayakers with every trip
  • Professional photographer
  • Professional videographer
  • One night camping accommodation plus beddings
  • Tea & coffee in the evening
  • Campfire
  • Wi-fi

Note: Kayaking price remains the same whether additional items (listed above) are needed or not.